Benefits of Having Vinyl Planks

Re-decorating your home can be a nightmare. It is difficult to make decisions on the paint let alone what type or flooring you want to have. Which is why it is important to know what your options are. So what exactly are the pros and cons to having vinyl planks installed at your home?

When most home owners hear the word “vinyl” a look of disgust normally appears on their faces. This is not an uncommon response, the fact of the matter is vinyl planks have a bit of a stigma attached to them. The question is does their reputation really proceed them? In most cases it does, but this is not necessarily because they are a bad choice. There are many great advantages to having vinyl planks installed at your home but first you should be made aware of the disadvantages:

  • They are not ecological: if you are trying to run a green household than vinyl flooring is not the option for you as it is not biodegradable and uses non-renewable natural resources to get made.
  • Difficult to repair: this is only an issue if you purchase a lesser quality vinyl tile. If it does get ripped of damaged the whole tile will need to be replaced.
  • Mellow yellow: if you were to purchase a low quality vinyl tile you can expect it to yellow over time. This is normally due to being in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight.

These disadvantages although annoying are not necessarily a good enough reason to completely discard the idea of getting vinyl planks. There are a number of advantages to having them installed in your home, that need to be considered too before you can make your final decision. The advantages of getting them include:

  • Design: there are many different designs that can be created with these tiles. There are a number of different pattern and colour options. This will certainly help to make sure you have a unique floor in your home.
  • Low maintenance: there is nothing more frustrating than having to spend hours cleaning the home. With the addition of vinyl planks your cleaning time will be cut in half as they are easy to maintain. A quick sweep and mop is all they need.
  • Water resistant: damp is often a huge problem within the home. High quality vinyl planks are impervious to water penetration when installed properly. Which is important to remember when re-tiling your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Inexpensive: even if you choose to get the highest quality vinyl flooring it is still cheaper than getting wood or stone tiles installed. If you are in the middle of an entire home make over than saving money wherever possible is important.

If you are still not convinced that vinyl planks are the right solution for your home than you may need to go into a show room and see what your different options are.

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