New Monn Planc range

When you think of carpet tiles your immediate reaction is dull, boring and uncomfortable. Well not anymore, with the new Monn Planc tufted carpet tiles your response will be one of astonishment as these carpet tiles are stylish, pleasing to the eye and gentle on the feet. They are available in muted tones that will not limit you with your basic home décor choices. By combining different colours and laying options, the design possibilities are endless.

After a stressful day at work you look forward to getting home, taking your shoes off and relaxing on your couch. Let Monn Planc tufted carpet tiles help relax your feet by allowing you to put your feet down on flooring that is a combination of traditional carpeting and contemporary hard flooring. These carpet tiles are comfortable to walk on and absorb the warmth just as a normal carpet would.

The Agulhas range of Monn Planc tufted carpet tiles gives a room an almost coastal feel and together with a herringbone pattern it will leave any room looking soothing and spacious. For a more conservative look and feel, the Karoo and Richtersfeld Herringbone pattern is perfect for the rooms of the house that have the most foot traffic which is almost always the living area. What better way to spend a winter’s afternoon than stretching out on the carpet in front of the TV watching movies. The luxurious feel of the Monn Planc tufted carpet tiles will leave you with the feeling that you are lying in on your most comfortable couch watching the movie instead of on a floor.

As carpets tend to absorb dust particles, having these carpets in your home or office will assist with improved air quality. Another benefit to this type of flooring is that it also offers better sound insulation and this comes in handy in offices where there is an abundance of foot traffic. The Karoo pattern is perfect for any office area as the tiles can be laid in such a way that it can make the smallest office space look bigger. They also tend to give your office a more corporate appearance and clients will know that they have entered a professional establishment the minute they walk through your doors.

Carpeting with a difference – exclusive range

Don’t spend hours wondering how you can improve the flooring in your home, take a look at the Monn Planc tufted carpet tile range to give you just the inspiration that you need to upgrade your home flooring. You will never regret your decision to go with Monn Planc as the contemporary wood design adds new creative proportions to your existing floor space.
The Monn Planc range is exclusive to Bonetts Interior Projects and as they are the company of choice when designing the interior of the home or office, why go anywhere else? Visit our website to find out more about this exciting new range and other products that we can offer you.