Why do so many people still choose carpets?

Carpets, tiles, or laminated wood? When renovating our space, how much time do we spend considering flooring?

Indeed, our choice of flooring can change the whole personality of a room. Cost, practicality and care are also factors that a home owner should consider before making this big decision.

Considering this, it’s no wonder that so many people still choose carpets as their flooring of choice

Why are carpets so popular?


In this chilly winter weather, it’s easy to see how a warm and soft carpet underfoot would be a wonderful option. They offer great insulation benefits, with a layer of padding beneath the cosy fibres adding to a snug and comfortable feel – especially in bedrooms.


Tiles and laminate floors look great, but they can be slippery. For homes with small children, or frail older family members, a carpet not only reduces the likelihood of a fall, but reduces the impact if it does happen. A soft carpet is perfect for small children taking their first steps or playing with their toys next to mom and dad.


Depending on your choice of carpet, you can achieve a significant cost saving when compared to other flooring choices. Most flooring companies will install as a matter of course so it goes down quickly, reducing the time your furniture spends in the passage. Obviously your choice of carpet will depend on the cost per square meter, but a good, long-lasting option will last you a good few years if cared for properly.


For us, the most exciting part of choosing a carpet, is…choosing a carpet. The range of styles, colours, and designs is infinite. No matter your own personal style, you are bound to find the perfect choice to suit your décor.

Choosing the right carpet will depend on its use, your budget, your style, and your preference. If you have questions and would like to know what options are open to you, then we’d love to help. Give us a call of visit us at www.bonetts.co.za.