Vinyl Plank Flooring – The Ultimate Flooring Solution

Simply the most versatile flooring option for family homes, offices and holiday homes – LVT flooring is taking the world by storm!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles/Planks (LVT)

Also known as vinyl wood-look / stone look & spc (stone plastic composite) planks

Why Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring?

As far as flooring options go, we are spoilt for choice. Wood, laminate, tiles, carpets, cement – you name it, we’ve seen it. However, one particular choice is emerging as a clear winner on the flooring front.

What is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or Vinyl Wood-Look Planks?

LVT or vinyl plank flooring is an engineered composite which is rigid, waterproof and stain resistant. Created with the warmth and character of real wood – minus the price tag – it’s no wonder designers, developers, and architects are turning their attention to this must-have solution. Other style options include a stone or ceramic look with incredibly realistic, natural colours and textures

Where can I use Luxury Vinyl Planks?

With a host of styles, colours and textured to choose from, vinyl plank flooring looks amazing anywhere and will fit into any décor. But don’t be fooled by the designer look! LVT flooring is incredibly durable – perfect for high-traffic areas in busy family homes, offices, and other commercial zones.

Open plan home? Glue-down vinyl planks are waterproof and fit perfectly into kitchens and bathrooms were other wooden or composite floors may not be ideal.

Unlike traditional wooden flooring and some high-end tiles, vinyl planks are incredibly affordable, as well as being warm underfoot and a low-noise option.

And for the practically-minded among you – LVT flooring is easy to lay. Choose between a glue-down solution or a simple glueless locking system, both of which will see your beautiful planks in place and ready for use in record time.

“LVTs” (Luxury Vinyl Tile) come mostly in a plank size and look, such as the laminate, there are 2 types, the “glue down” and “click” version.

  • The glue down comes on average between 2mm and 5 mm in thickness, depending on the application.
  • The substrate must be very smooth for the glue down version.
  • It’s price point is very similar to that of the laminate
  • The “Click” LVT is on average about 50% more expensive, mainly due to the manufacturing process of the “Click” system and comes on average in a 5mm thickness
  • Much easier to install than the glue down and a thin felt product is available to take up small undulations in the substrate.
  • Can be laid over ceramic tile.
  • On both of these types, it should be made aware that it is the wear layer thickness, that is important.
  • Also very warm and not noisy when walked on
  • Most of these products come in designs and colours which are very authentic.

On all of the above, there would be issues to be considered, depending on the application and I suggest that this be discussed with me on site.

Bonetts Interiors LVT Fir Silver

TIER – Restored fir silver

Bonetts Interiors LVT Holm Oak

Holm Oak

Bonetts Interiors LVT Modern


Bonetts Interiors LVT Planks


Bonetts Interiors LVT Herringbone


Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Planks

  • Get the look of real wood without the cost
  • An incredible range of styles, colours and textures available
  • Durable and warm underfoot
  • Practical and easy to lay
  • An affordable option for a designer look
  • Great for commercial or residential uses

Stone and Concrete Look Vinyl

This look is a new trend that is becoming more popular

Bonetts Interiors Stone Look Tiles
Bonetts Interiors Eco Stone Look Tile

Eco Concrete Look Tile

Bonetts Interiors Eco Stone Look Tile

Eco Stone Look Tile

Bonetts Interiors Eco Stone Look Tile

Stone Look Vinyl

Exciting New Funky Cushion Vinyl Range

This comes in Sheet form – soft under foot, with added heat and sound insulation. Makes the new kid on the block a winner in the Luxury Flooring Market.

Bonetts Interiors Cushion Vinyl

York Cushion Vinyl

Bonetts Interiors Cushion Vinyl

Vidimus Cushion Vinyl

Bonetts Interiors Cushion Vinyl

Bologna Cushion Vinyl