Why choose hardwood floors for your home?

Warmth, charm, and value. If you want your home to reflect any of these sought-after qualities, then you will want wooden floors.

Solid, hardwood flooring has graced homes for centuries, wearing gracefully into a grand old lady in homes around the world. And there are good reasons for this. Wooden flooring offers a range of benefits that other flooring options simply don’t.

What are the advantages of having hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors add personality and charm. The unique grain of each plank, the beautiful swirls and knots, are nature’s decoration – and she’s done a great job. The rich colours and hues – from a dark mahogany to a bright pine – bring a range of choices to even the fussiest home owner. In fact, wooden floors are a popular choice in new and remodelled homes, no matter the style or look.

Wooden floors are warm and inviting. In the cooler months they feel warm underfoot – as opposed to tiles, which can get a little chilly.

Maintenance is so easy on a hardwood floor. A well-laid floor will have a protective coat of varnish on it which simply wipes clean with warm water and a soft cloth. Scratches or other marks can be gently sanded and varnished. Severely damaged planks can be lifted and replaced if necessary.

Most wooden floors come from a sustainable source, which makes them an environmentally friendly option. And as a natural product, they offer additional health benefits to our homes. For example, people suffering from allergies have trouble in carpeted homes which harbour mites and moulds. Many synthetic materials release residual chemicals into our homes (off-gassing) – a problem that you wouldn’t have to endure with a natural wooden floor.

Really, hardwood floors add value to a home with their gentle personality and understated appeal. They mark time as your family grows, offering up a soft patina of wear over the years and getting more beautiful over time.

Modern homes, traditional cottages or high-rise apartments can all enjoy the unique beauty of hardwood floors. We’d love to help you decide on the right wooden flooring for your home. Visit our website www.bonetts.co.za or call us on 083 290 1757.