The summer time is fast approaching and with it comes plenty of heat and sunshine. After the cold winter months, this will feel like a blessing. However, eventually, too much heat can drive people insane! If you want to avoid heated arguments in your household, you need to know how to keep you home cool during summer with blinds for windows.

Blinds for windows are often associated with winter. They are responsible for helping to keep the heat in during the cold winter months and are often a great source of insulation. What you may not know is that getting your hands on the right type of blinds for windows can also help to keep your home cool! Many people will go to the effort of putting screens on the outside of the windows. Unfortunately, this is no longer a practical option seeing as though the security in and around the home needs to be a top priority. As a result, it is far easier to install blinds for windows in an effort to help to combat the heat.

The solution to having a cool home this summer is installing blinds in between the window panes. Tests have been done in order to prove whether or not this scenario actually works and it has been proven that it does. In fact, the research has shown that these blinds can lower the temperature within the home by 3 degrees Celsius, which will certainly help when the heat waves decide to hit. Installing the blinds in between the window panes is also a relatively cheap option. In short, with blinds for windows, you can have a cool home without having to pay out of your ear for it!

Closing your blinds at peak heat times can help to keep the room temperature down. In order for this method to be truly effective, you will need to pick blinds that are light weight. If blinds are not your thing, it is wise to remember that heavy, dark drapes or curtains can be a hindrance and will not be useful in cooling your home down. The heat from the solar radiation can get “trapped” in the drapery, turning your home into a small furnace. Using drapery that is light in colour and weight can solve this problem.

Can flooring keep the home cool?

Having the right type of flooring in conjunction with the right blinds for windows can also help to keep your home cool. Living in a hot country, it is not always practical to have carpeted areas within the home. Vinyl and wood flooring is a fantastic way in which to keep the areas within your home breathable. The best places to put this type of flooring would be in the kitchen, dining areas and hallways.

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