Blinds and Curtains

A room in the home can be made to look warm and inviting through the type of flooring, the colour of paint that is chosen as well as the window dressings. Have you ever considered what type of effect the blinds and curtains you choose can have on a room? Want to have more of a modern look in your home, than blinds would be a better option. A combination of blinds and curtains can add a certain richness to a room, especially a living room.

How different blinds and curtains can change the look of a room

If you have decided that it better to keep a room a neutral colour from a cost point of view, you can choose a theme for the room through pictures and blinds. Nothing brightens up a child’s room more than primary colours. Through the use of bedroom plantation shutters in a room, you will add a sense of dimension and warmth to a room. These are custom-made shutters that are available in a variety of colours and eliminate the need for colourful curtains to brighten up a child’s all white bedroom. For a living room area, create a contrast with your roman blinds by having a darker shade on the borders of the blinds.

This breaks the monotony of a one colour-schemed living area. Wooden blinds add warmth to a room and are mostly used in living rooms and bedrooms. The only problem with wooden blinds is that they tend to warp over time so it is preferable to use composite blinds which look like wood but retain their shape. Bamboo blinds are chic, whether left on their own or layered with curtains. Depending on what else you have in the room, they can create a beachy vibe, a more classically decorated look or something in between. And the best part about blinds is that they are low maintenance.

Curtains – more than adding ambience to a room…

Curtains don’t just add ambience to a room, they can also be used to hide items in a room. For example, most kitchens in the home have a “nook” area where the washing machine finds a home. If you don’t want your washing machine to be part of the kitchen, then all you need to do is install a suspension rod (the type used for shower curtains) and hang a curtain – choose a design that will blend in with the kitchen. Curtains can be a clever and temporary solution for creating new spaces without building walls. Sheer curtains, in particular, are ideal and will help to section off lounge or dining areas within the house without restricting light or fresh air.

Make the curtains more exciting than the view, especially if you live in the city. Rather than framing the landscape outside, in rooms where what’s outside is not the feature, think about the colours and materials that can create rich and vibrant areas filled with warmth and colour. Curtains are not as low maintenance as blinds but they add charm and warmth to any space.

If choosing the right curtains and blinds for your home is not your “thing”, then you need to contact the experts in the field Bonetts Interior Projects. Through a consultant, Bonetts Interior Projects will be able to advise you on the right colours and textures for the blinds or curtains that you want in your home.